Deaf ID

Deaf ID is a highly specialised, professional, and culturally friendly service that is run from the heart of the Deaf community, by Deaf people, for Deaf people. Our team of trained staff provide a person-centered approach to working with clients in a variety of settings, whether this be within their homes, out in the community, or at work, at any time during the week.

This stands for independence, integrity, identity and is unique.

Our service is unique

We provide a bespoke package for Deaf children/young people and adults. Following an assessment by our specialist team of qualified professionals who are fluent in British Sign Language & Deaf Culture, a holistic approach will be adopted to suit the individual, to deliver their unique support which will be reviewed on a regular basis. The unique approach we have is that we are providing a service for Deaf people of all ages. This is the only service that provides for this age range in the North-East of England (Berwick – Teesside). We also work with other trusted partners to refer you if you are not in our catchment area.

Our service is about independence and integrity

Our concept and our approach to ensuring independence, integrity and identity amongst the Deaf community is not new. Our reputation precedes us as the specialists in British Sign Language and Deaf Culture in the North-East of England having been established since 2003. We have a full package providing other services that are also about quality, integrity, and independence – community engagement, interpreting, translation, and training that can only benefit our clients, staff, and the community, including professionals. 

What is available?

This service works with d/Deaf people and families of all backgrounds and ages, including professionals that work with them. This is provided on a one-to-one basis with the aim of using a comprehensive approach, to get the person to maintain their independence and to live their lives with integrity and without limit. 

As an example, our carefully selected, trained, checked staff team will be expected to do the following tasks with clients: 

  • Shopping 
  • Eating healthily (shopping, cooking, and discussions) 
  • Managing money 
  • Paying bills  
  • Ensuring the client understands information  
  • Accompanying them to appointments 
  • Working with them to develop life skills such as travel, socialising, visiting groups and venues 
  • Face to face support with individuals to provide support and companionship/peership
  • Providing support and information to families such as developing British Sign Language within the family

Who can we support?

Here are just a few examples of the clients that we support: 

  • Older Deaf people who may have less mobility may need that extra bit of support to ensure their safety whilst retaining their independence 
  • Young Deaf people who may need peer support to develop life skills that leads to developing their identities as independent young adults 
  • Deafblind people and Deaf people with Usher Syndrome may need guides or personal assistants to enable them to travel independently, go to work and attend social events 
  • Deaf Immigrants new to the UK may struggle with cultural changes, language barriers and knowledge. We can support them in a variety of ways. 
  • There may be Deaf people who are part of the UK’s system and those who are transitioning from one service to another, such as care homes, fostering/ adoption, prison services, hospitals and so on that may need support. We provide this.  
  • Hearing people would like to develop their language skills with Deaf people within their families 
  • Please talk to us to see if we can provide a cultural and Deaf friendly solution to your needs.

How is the service funded?

There are several funding streams to cover the service’s costs, ranging from an individual’s Educational Health Care Plan, Direct Payments, and one-off funding support as well as being self-funded. Please contact us so we can support you in meeting your/your client’s needs.

Other Services

Specialist Social Care Assessments

As we are holistic in our approach, we also believe in providing support to social care teams. Councils can purchase specialist care, support needs and Carers assessments from us. We engage the services of independent Registered Social Workers who are experts on Deaf, Deafblind children and adults who will have linguistic, cultural, and professional backgrounds in assessing clients and producing reports. The reports are independent, holistic and give impartial information that helps the purchasing local authority in providing the right advice, support, and services for their residents. This saves money overall, is comprehensive and value for money in its approach. Please get in touch if you want to ask further.

Advocacy Specialists

We provide advocates for our clients at the request of social care and other statutory bodies. These are funded by the purchasing local authority. Please inquire with us for details.


Please do contact us during office hours of 9am – 5pm on: 

Mobile (texts): 07792 883915

Email: [email protected] 

Facetime: 07792 883915

WhatsApp: text and videocall: 07792 883915

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