So, what's next?

1. Contact us

Contact us to discuss your project. If you have the material already and we can see at the outset what needs to be translated – great. If it’s a completely new project, we’ll chat through the options with you. Please rest assured that we adhere to a strict code of confidentiality.

2. Quote

We will get back to you with a quote asap. This quote will be as near to the final price as possible. If there are any additional costs involved, such as extra material requiring translation, we will discuss these with you prior to undertaking the additional work.

3. Deadline

When you accept the quote we will agree a completion date with you. If it is a straightforward translation project then the turnaround time will be quite quick (within 24/ 48hrs). If its a bigger project, then we will discuss and agree timescales with you.

4. Translation

We will carry out the translation work for you and supply it in the format agreed. All of your original working material will be returned to you.

5. Payment

We will send you an invoice when the work has been completed. Payment will be subject to our usual terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed by us.

If you would like us to translate regularly for you then we may be able to offer you preferential rates, depending on the type and frequency of the translation.

Please use the enquiry form to contact us.