The Deaf community

There are about 70,000 people in the UK whose first or preferred language is British Sign Language (BSL). This group of people make up the UK’s Deaf community. In addition there are thousands of people who  use BSL regularly – family members, interpreters, students of BSL and the many people who have Deaf colleagues and friends.

Unlike spoken languages such as English, there is no written form of BSL. Language is expressed using the hands, face and body. BSL has its own grammar and sentence structure, which is quite different from English. A full and rich language, BSL is both fascinating and beautiful to see!

Our home is at the Newcastle Deaf Centre in Summerhill Grove which opened in 1950 and has been the focal point of Deaf life in Newcastle ever since. The vibrant hub of the Newcastle Deaf Centre offers many services and events for Deaf and hearing people – right in the heart of the Deaf community.